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Surround™ - A Tekton® Brand

Surround™ Housewrap

Surround™ SR Underlayment

Look no further than Surround™ Housewrap, a TEKTON® Brand, and Surround™ SR Roofing Underlayment, a TEKTON® Brand, to help protect your home. Both are made by the manufacturers of proven TEKTON® weather-resistant barriers.

Surround™ Housewrap

Housewraps have become a best practice among builders around the world. Surround™ Housewrap protects homes from being damaged. Here is how it works: 

A non-perforated, nonwoven product, Surround Housewrap protects your homes, and your reputation, from being damaged. 

Surround™ SR Underlayment

Start at the top with Surround™ SR Underlayment, a TEKTON® brand. The roofing deck is the area that supports the actual roofing material, and protecting it from moisture is key to assuring the lifespan of the roof and the long-term durability of the home. Whether the roof is covered with shingles, shakes, tile or slate, be sure it is protected with Surround™ SR Underlayment. It is water’s toughest opponent, creating a secondary water barrier that reduces the incidence of leaks caused by storm damage, wind-driven rain, ice dams and worn roofing materials. It is a waterproof, synthetic polymer material that will protect your homes against moisture intrusion.  
In addition to superior weather protection, Surround SR Underlayment offers these advantages: 

Surround SR Underlayment meets the more stringent requirements of International Code Council® (ICC) AC48—Acceptance Criteria for Roof Underlayment for Use in Severe Climate Areas. It is one more component in the line of defence against the elements.

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