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Your dream home. Protect it and make it more comfortable with the TEKTON® Weather Protection System.

You are planning your dream home and thinking about layout, carpeting, appliances – all the creature comforts that will make it perfect. But did you know that one of the most important factors in protecting that home, and increasing your comfort, is something you may never actually see and lies beneath the exterior of your home? It is how your home is “wrapped” during the construction process.
The TEKTON® Weather Protection System provides superior air and water holdout, exceptional moisture vapour transmission, superior tear strength and optimal surfactant resistance PLUS The TEKTON Advantage. At the heart of the system is TEKTON HouseWrap, which acts as an air and moisture barrier, while simultaneously allowing moisture vapour to escape from the wall cavity to the outside. Installed before the exterior siding, TEKTON HouseWrap protects your home from Nature’s harshest elements and has exceptional tear strength and ultraviolet stability. It also provides energy efficiency for years to come, which is important for energy and budget conscious consumers.

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TEKTON® products protect your home with
housewrap, flashings and tape.

The TEKTON Advantage


TEKTON Housewrap