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You’re smarter to choose
TEKTON® HouseWrap.

TEKTON® HouseWrap is the smarter choice because it offers excellent water holdout, tear strength, air holdout, moisture vapour transmission, ultraviolet performance and surfactant resistance. TEKTON HouseWrap performs on the job as well as in laboratory tests.

Superior water holdout.
A bi-component microporous membrane, TEKTON HouseWrap offers unsurpassed water holdout from rain. Designed to perform as a weather resistant barrier that will prevent water penetration, TEKTON HouseWrap can help protect your wall cavity from water damage.

Perfect balance of water holdout and moisture vapour transmission.
A housewrap must also breathe to prevent moisture vapour from being trapped in the wall cavity. TEKTON HouseWrap’s water holdout is balanced with an optimal perm rating between 10 and 20. This perm rating ensures that while water is prevented from entering the wall cavity, ideal levels of moisture vapour are allowed to escape.

Superior tear strength.
The exceptional tear strength of TEKTON HouseWrap ensures a superior air holdout. Other housewraps can tear in the wind or from the rigours of the job site, and when they do, the housewrap is no longer an effective barrier. Used as a sheathing membrane to cover the cracks and gaps that are a normal part of any building, TEKTON HouseWrap helps prevent air penetration into the wall cavity that would affect the comfort and energy efficiency of the building. TEKTON HouseWrap is equivalent to 16mm particleboard in stopping air leakage without the butt joints that allow infiltration.

Optimal surfactant and ultraviolet resistance.
TEKTON HouseWrap sets the standard for performance even when surfactants are present. Wood tannins, cedar oils, turpentine, as well as the soaps found in some stucco, can decrease the water holdout of a housewrap. Because these surfactants reduce the surface tension of the water and allow it to flow more easily through the pore structure of the housewrap, the sheathing is no longer protected from wind-driven rain and water damage. The superior surfactant resistance of TEKTON HouseWrap minimizes degradation when in contact with these components, making it excellent for installation under wood siding and stucco.

TEKTON HouseWrap is also ultraviolet resistant, so it can stand up to the sun’s rays on the jobsite for up to six months without significant loss in toughness. TEKTON® MetroWrap™ is designed to be even more ultraviolet resistant.


Tear Strength graph

Based on published results
according to ASTM D-5733 testing.

Moisture Vapor graph

Based on published resluts
according to ASTM E-96-95 Procedure A testing.

Water Hold Out graph

Based on published results
according to AATC-127 testing.

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