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Moisture Control

The best balance of water holdout and breathability.

Moisture control in the wall cavity is essential to reducing the risk of moisture damage. It is important to protect the wall cavity during construction and after the home is complete. On average, a single-family home produces 11 to 23 litres of moisture vapour every day. When moisture gets trapped in the wall cavity, it can lead to all sorts of problems. TEKTON® HouseWrap acts as the primary line of defence against the elements during construction, and a secondary water barrier after the cladding is up. But moisture can enter the wall cavity from inside the home as well. TEKTON HouseWrap’s optimal perm rating (between 10 and 20 U.S. perms) allows the wall cavity to breathe, so moisture vapour can escape. In addition, the TEKTON material itself does not support the growth of mold, unlike traditional building papers.

TEKTON Moisture Control Diagram