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Weather Protection System

Start with the TEKTON® Weather Protection System.

The complete TEKTON® Weather Protection System includes TEKTON® HouseWrap (TEKTON® MetroWrap™ for commercial); TEKTON® Flashings; and TEKTON® Construction Tape. This engineered system assures sustainable protection against moisture damage for your architectural designs.

In addition, TEKTON products contribute to energy efficiency, indoor air quality and overall comfort, while maintaining environmentally sound operating and manufacturing practices. The TEKTON Weather Protection System is an important component in the ENERGY STAR®* air sealing and insulating category and can contribute to LEED®** certification points. 

HouseWrap — TEKTON HouseWrap provides the perfect balance of water/air hold out and moisture vapour transmission (MVT). It blocks exterior water and air from entering the wall cavity while allowing moisture vapour from inside the home to escape the wall cavity. For your commercial applications, consider TEKTON® MetroWrap.  

Flashing — Three flashing options ensure seal integrity around doors, windows and other exterior rough openings. TEKTON® Flashing RA™ offers affordable, best-in-class performance. TEKTON® Flashing BA is the original premium butyl-based flashing. TEKTON® Flashing Flex is also butyl based and is perfect for sealing around arched windows.

Construction Tape — What good is an exterior weather resistant barrier if moisture and air can get through cracks and seams? TEKTON® Construction Tape is a strong, polypropylene film, coated with a powerful all-weather acrylic adhesive that seals out the elements. It provides a powerful bond at the seams and edges to assure proper system performance.

* A program of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the United States Department of Energy. **A program of the United States Green Building Council.
TEKTON Weather Protection System