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Flashing and Tape

Finish smart to assure a tight building envelope.

It is important to assure a tight building envelope when windows and siding are installed. This can be accomplished by sealing cracks and seams and installing flashing around rough openings. Here are all the accessories you need to do the job right as part of the complete TEKTON® Weather Protection System.

TEKTON® Flashings and Construction Tape
complete the system.

TEKTON® Flashing Flex
A conformable, composite peel and stick flashing product, ideal to flash around curved windows. Use it on window flanges, sill plates, corners and joints to improve air and moisture holdout. It is based on a two-ply oriented high density polyethylene film, mated to a premium butyl rubber adhesive and release sheet.
TEKTON® Flashing BA
Especially suited for warm-weather climates, this modified bloc co-polymer flashing is based on the TEKTON system's proven weather-resistant barrier and sealant technology, compatible with TEKTON® HouseWrap and Construction Tape. It features Quik-Peel™ split back release paper for easy positioning and flexible installation.

TEKTON® Flashing RA™
A rubberised asphalt flashing that is an affordable choice with best-in-class performance -- designed for use in the TEKTON Weather Protection System.
Many commonly used sealants and caulks contain solvents and plasticisers that can react with the rubberised asphalt adhesive on the flashing system. Make sure caulks or sealants coming in contact with the adhesive portion of RA flashing do not contain plasticisers or solvent. This includes most polyurethane and silicone caulks.

*Flashing RA not available in all markets
TEKTON® Construction Tape
A strong, coated polypropylene film that seals seams and edges to ensure the integrity of the building envelope, use it on window flanges, corners, joints and seams to improve the building envelope and air and moisture holdout. It won’t deteriorate over time providing years of reliable performance.
Installing TEKTON Construction Tape